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Prove it! Improve it!  We are a Network of experts for Sustainable Development Design, Monitoring, Evaluation and Advocacy. We believe country-led development with excellent sustained impacts comes from listening to participant voices during and long after projects end. Work with us!


Respectful development includes input from the onset from participants and partners, collaborating to support what’s sustainable throughout implementation, and evaluating after closeout of projects and investments. Valuing Voices can help you do this.


Concept note: Fostering Sustainability During and Long After Projects End

Valuing Voices offers the following to foster services for Sustained Impacts: Based on decades of experience in funding, designing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating and advocating for non-profit, for-profit, public and foundation clients in global development, plus 6 years of research on sustainability.

Publications/ Presentations


Presentations to Practical Action UK staff on Sustainability/ Impact and Ex-post Evaluations (2022)

Cekan J., Legro S. (2022) Can We Assume Sustained Impact? Verifying the Sustainability of Climate Change Mitigation Results. In: Uitto J.I., Batra G. (eds) Transformational Change for People and the Planet. Sustainable Development Goals Series. Springer, Cham.

“Promises made and promises unfulfilled: Focusing evaluations after COP26” 2022. in Evaluation, What should evaluation learn from COP 26? Views of evaluation practitioners

Adaptation Fund documents our work on ex-post sustainability and resilience research/guidance 2021

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