Respectful development includes input from the onset from partners and participants, feedback on what’s sustainable throughout implementation, and after closeout of projects and investments. Designing for national sustainability involves learning what works best for our participants for future project scale-up and new funding.

Most global aid projects help national stakeholders now… but how long do results last? We must fund, design, implement, monitor and evaluate with input from our participants and partners so they can sustain results and lead their own development after we leave.  Valuing Voices can help you do this.

Tracking ‘impact’ is not only short-term results, but long-term sustainability of those results. For countries this is real Sustained Return on Investment (ROI) from our projects for them. For donors/ investors such sustained impact is real accountability.

  • Questions to ask yourselves:
  • Are we selecting projects that are generating Social Return on Investments (SROI) in the eyes of our participants?
  • Are we designing for and evaluating Sustained ROI in their opinion, tracking what returns on their investments, as well as ours, emerged and should be supported?
  • Are we ground-truthing indicators asking project/ investment participants in the countries themselves? Are we learning from them to invest in more sustained impacts for us all?
  • New policies, partnerships, and collaborative funding are needed for country-led development and leadership are vital for sustainability to grow.

At Valuing Voices, we value knowledge from real people for sustainable solutions.

Let’s work together!

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