Country-led development based on sustained impacts data is key to success. Valuing Voices means listening to stakeholders and collaboratively identifying what actual sustainability & impact measures should be.

  • We offer one of the largest databases of the “ex-post” evaluations that included fieldwork with a range of stakeholders 2-20 years after project end. We speak and write about these results at various conferences and webinars so we learn from what worked & didn’t;
  • Analyzing exit strategies aimed at sustaining impacts changes how we work throughout projects. We believe phasing down and over rather than out over 1+ years, planning with resources, partnerships, capacities, benchmarks yields sustained impact.

We need to use and learn from compelling sustained outcomes and impacts evidence. With sustained impacts research, we learn what to invest in that could be sustained over the long-term. What worked best that we do more of? What should we never fund and implement again? Why?

We need to Value Voices of all stakeholders for global well-being based on local growth to really take off.

Read the blog and hire us to help you technically, advocate for change, invite us to speak, let’s collaborate to put our true clients, our participants, front and center in ‘development’. 

What can we do together to keep the change going?

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