Valuing Voices offers the following to foster Sustained Impacts:

Based on decades of experience in funding, designing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating and advocating for non-profit, for-profit, public and foundation clients in global development, plus 5 years of research on sustainability, the Valuing Voices team offers:


  1. Funding, Design and Advocacy Expertise
  • Review of project design and indicators and collection methods to foster sustainability and measurable social and environmental impacts
  • Review of projects for evaluability
  • Speaking engagements/ presentations and articles drawing on evidence about and advocating for sustained impacts


  1. Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) Expertise


  • Creating a Theory of Sustainability (ToS) for project and program investments
  • Ground-truthing actual outcomes and impacts of project investments at midterm and final evaluations
  • Exploring positive and negative unintended and emerging results
  • Accompanying local partners and participants to evaluate projected sustainability alongside final evaluations, which assist with the next funding and design
  • Evaluating sustained and emerging outcomes and impacts post-project closure (ex-post):Sustained and Emerging Impacts Evaluations 


3. Impact Guild – bridging NGOs and Impact Investors

This collaboration of NGO and finance experts support development (I)NGOs to tap into new financing through impact investment and by adding M&E impact value toward the SDGs:


We are happy to support your organization’s learning – contact us at

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