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WONDERFUL LOCAL NGOs (non-governmental organizations)

I would like to recommend four local non-profits that are doing wonderful work.  Kitegang works around the world, Decent Living and KUSARD in Kenya, Education for Hope in Sierra Leone and Manusodany in Haiti.  I know the Directors of all of them, am on the African Boards and know your funds will be wisely used and with impact.

KiteGang waters the seeds of joy through kite-manufacturing projects in East Africa and the refugee camps of eastern Chad and possibly the Middle East. “We seek to lift the spirits of children having few possessions or possibilities through the simple joy and curiosity brought by the sharing and flying of colorful kites”. (KiteGang Facebook Page)

Decent Living (Kenya)

Provide opportunities to all people especially the under-privileged in our communities to enjoy decent living -the capacity needed to provide basic needs to ones self and ones immediate family. They focus on organic farming in Makueni district, Kenya

KUSARD (Kenya USA Christian Relief & Development)
KUSARD is taking care of vulnerable people in an isolated part of Kenya. It cares for health/nutrition, water and education/polytechnic education for the unemployed and offers opportunities for monthly child sponsorship for poor as well as handicapped children.

Education for Hope (Sierra Leone)

Provides basic school supplies and scholarships for students, books for school libraries, repairs and renovation of dilapidated schools in Sierra Leone. See

Manusodany – Association pour Haiti
MANUSODANY, supports projects in Cap-Haitien, on the northern coast of Haiti including a “scholar initiation center” and shcholarships for underprivileged or orphaned children, street children project and a soccer school. See:

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