Clients & Grants


Our SEIE clients include:

* Catholic Relief Services,

* Lutheran World Relief,

* Management Systems International, and

* The Federation of the Red Cross/ Red Crescent.

Research Grants

Valuing Voices has received a 2017 Faster Forward Fund research grant for sustained impact evaluation by Michael Scriven through the Marin Community Foundation.

This evaluation research by Valuing Voices (VV) funded by Michael Scriven’s Faster Forward Foundation and the Marin Community Foundation was completed in May 2017. The following is our Abstract and the report will be imminently posted here.


A review of eight projects with end-of-project and post project evaluation reports suggest that post project evaluations can contribute to better understanding of the sustainability of project impacts and identify unexpected and emerging outcomes years after project close.

The review highlights some of the methodological issues that are unique to post project (as opposed to end of project) evaluation, and point to the advantages of planning for sustainability measurement from the outset of the project. In the majority of cases, the sampling approach adopted at the endline proved challenging to replicate post project because it was not designed to measure sustainability, or because of access to or demographic changes in the beneficiary population. Finding suitable projects for this review was difficult because so few post project evaluations are done, fewer are publically available, fewer still had comparable final evaluations and included local voices. Agencies that fund post project evaluations offer a range of reasons for doing so: to learn, to promote a success, to inform replication or scale, to provide justification for future funding, to promote accountabilities.

What is less explicit is how findings are used within implementing and donor agencies, shared with partners, and influence future programming. As part of this report, Valuing Voices offers an evaluability checklist for doing a post project evaluation from the onset of the project, and a checklist for measuring sustainability through the entire project cycle.

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