Clients & Grants


Our SEIE clients include:

* Catholic Relief Services,

* Lutheran World Relief,

* Management Systems International, and 

* The Federation of the Red Cross/ Red Crescent.


Research Grants

Valuing Voices has received a 2017 Faster Forward Fund research grant for sustained impact evaluation by Michael Scriven through the Marin Community Foundation.

This 2017 research by Valuing Voices (VV) funded by Michael Scriven's Faster Forward Foundation and the Marin Community Foundation will add the perspective on the value-added of post project evaluation through a comparative review by finding of eight end-of-project evaluations contrasted to post-project results for the same projects.  The cases will be across sectors and donors to illuminate the value-added of Sustained and Emerging Impacts Evaluations (SEIEs are improved post-project evaluations). This will illuminate what else we can learn by a look at what endures and emerges in the years after resources have ceased.

Valuing Voices will create an inventory of methodologies used for post-project evaluation to unpack what has been effective, and particularly how the voices of participants have been included and how to do so again. We have documented early results and how they can inform programming but need funding to do this far more in-depth. Several ex-post examples are already found in Valuing Voices' blogs on lessons and ownership and we will explore databases and the grey literature for more as well as for their final evaluations. 

We will also create a checklist or a brief 1-2 page guide on when/ where/ why different methods work well as a model to promote standard practice for systematic review in order to inform others how to do high-value, high-utility and cost-effective Sustained and Emerging Impacts Evaluations. Finally, we will re-examine our current ‘Evaluability Checklist’ and see what improvements are needed and of course, pay special attention to not only what continued that was expected (outcomes and impacts) but also what emerged, unexpected, in the intervening years.