Sustainability Ready: what it takes to support & measure lasting change webinar

»Posted by on Jul 7, 2020 in Accountability, ex-post evaluation, International aid, Participation, post-project evaluation, Sustainable development | 2 comments

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Setting a higher bar: Sustained Impacts are about All of us

»Posted by on May 16, 2018 in Accountability, Aid effectiveness, CGDev, Evaluation, ex-post evaluation, Feed the Future, Feedback Labs, foreign aid, impact investing, Impact Investors, International aid, international development, Local Participants, Participants, Participation, post project evaluation, post-project evaluation, Return on Investment (ROI), SALT, Sidekick Manifesto, SUSRoi, Sustainability, Sustainable development, Sustained and Emerging Impacts Evaluation, Sustained and Emerging Impacts Evaluations (SEIE), USAID, Valuing Voices | 1 comment

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Investing in Youth for Project Effectiveness and Sustainability

»Posted by on Apr 12, 2018 in Accountability, Aid effectiveness, Catholic Relief Services (CRS), Demographics, ex-post evaluation, Feedback Labs, Mercy Corps, PCI, post-project evaluation, SDGs, Sustainability, Sustainable development, Youth, youth employment | 0 comments

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Reblog: The Name of the Game is “Sustainability” but Does the Last Player Count?

»Posted by on Mar 6, 2018 in Accountability, cambodia, civil society, disabled, international development, NGOs, Sustainability, Sustainable development, Youth | 1 comment

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Local Accountability and Transparency… During and Post Project?

»Posted by on Feb 7, 2018 in Accountability, Aid effectiveness, Charity Navigator, Evaluation, post project evaluation, Sustainability, Sustainable development, Transparency | 1 comment

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Living in a Well-meaning Lie: Valuing all Voices? – The Solutions Journal

»Posted by on May 3, 2017 in Accountability, Community Driven Development, Evaluation, Return on Investment (ROI), Sustainability, Sustained and Emerging Impacts Evaluation | Comments Off on Living in a Well-meaning Lie: Valuing all Voices? – The Solutions Journal

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