Country-led development based on sustained impacts data is key to success.

Valuing Voices means listening to stakeholders and collaboratively identifying what actual impact measures should be.

We need to use and learn from compelling sustained outcomes and impacts evidence.

Our projects catalyze in-country change, but we need to learn what works over the long-term, what doesn’t, and how to fund, design, implement, track, and maintain sustained results based on accurate information.

Now, why can Valuing Voices help you measure (monitor and evaluate) impacts?  Because we have spent decades out in the field in Africa, Asia, and elsewhere. Lessons abound about what supports sustainable agriculture, credit, health, education, safety nets, environment…

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Respectful development includes input from the onset from partners and participants, feedback on what’s sustainable throughout implementation, and after closeout of projects and investments. Designing for national sustainability involves learning what works best for our participants for future project scale-up and new funding.

Most global aid projects help national stakeholders now… but how long do results last? We must fund, design, implement, monitor and evaluate with input from our participants and partners so they can sustain results and lead their own development after we leave.  Valuing Voices can help you do this.

Tracking ‘impact’ is not only short-term results, but long-term sustainability of those results. For countries this is real Sustained Return on Investment (ROI) from our projects for them. For donors/ investors such sustained impact is real accountability.

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Valuing Voices’ team has many decades of experience in designing, implementing, monitoring & evaluating, and advocating for great development. We have spent years evaluating the long-term sustainability of projects for non-profit, for-profit, public, and foundation clients in global development. We are experts in grassroots impact measurements.

We offer technical services in:

1) Funding Design and Advocacy for sustained impacts and

2) Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) of social, economic and environmental impacts

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