Country-led development based on sustained impacts data is key to success. Valuing Voices means listening to stakeholders and collaboratively identifying what actual sustainability & impact measures should be.

  • We offer one of the largest databases of the “ex-post” evaluations that included fieldwork with a range of stakeholders 2-20 years after project end. We speak and write about these results at various conferences and webinars so we learn from what worked & didn’t;
  • Analyzing exit strategies aimed at sustaining impacts changes how we work throughout projects. We believe phasing down and over rather than out over 1+ years, planning with resources, partnerships, capacities, benchmarks yields sustained impact.
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Respectful development includes input from the onset from participants and partners, collaborating to support what’s sustainable throughout implementation, and evaluating after closeout of projects and investments. Valuing Voices can help you do this.

Most global aid projects help national stakeholders now… but how can we make results last? 

At Valuing Voices, we value knowledge from from country-nationals as equal experts for sustainable solutions.

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Valuing Voices offers the following to foster Sustained Impacts:

Based on decades of experience in funding, designing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating and advocating for non-profit, for-profit, public and foundation clients in global development, plus 6 years of research on sustainability, the Valuing Voices team offers:

  • We provide guidance and consulting advice on ex-post project evaluations;
  • We partner with NGO and finance experts support development (I)NGOs to tap into new financing through impact investing and by adding INGOs M&E impact value for the SDGs at

We believe country-led development with excellent sustained impacts comes from listening to participant voices before, during and long after projects end, designing and implementing with them as experts. Contact us at

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